About Faraway Wines

grapes photoFaraway Wines is a negociant style South African wine business, sourcing wine opportunities from South Africa to the World, delivered with flair and expertise at excellent value:price ratios.

Being a negociant business allows Faraway Wines to operate without the strictures usually dictated to by brand builders in the wine environment. We are 100% focussed on the consumer and customer solution and can be your 1 stop shop for South African wine solutions.

We have extensive and varied marketing and sales experience in South Africa, Europe, the UK, USA, Canada, Africa, and Asia. Our network of contacts is broad and varied, and our understanding and appreciation of what the market demands is clearly understood on all levels.

Couple this with the wine making expertise at our disposal and the excellent quality : price ratios that we can extract from our Joint Venture partner, Bonnievale Cellar, we believe that we will be able to deliver a superior product at an excellent price, that is well resourced and actively managed to be best in class.

Director - Mike Ratcliffe (Managing Director and Owner of Warwick Wine Estate)

Mike has grown the Warwick Wine Estate brand into a dynamic and progressive winery, leading the charge towards classic yet breathtakingly simple wine executions. Co-owner of Vilafonté with USA wine legend Zelma Long, the Vilafonté brand has since its inception become recognised as one of South Africa’s iconic wine brands.

Director – John Barnardt (CEO of Bonnievale Cellar)

John has extensive agricultural banking experience and has for the last five years overseen the development of the Bonnievale Cellar into one of South Africa’s leading examples of cooperative cellars, currently ranked number three in South Africa in terms of volume.

Winemaking team 

The winemaking team at Bonnievale Cellars deliver customer focussed and market ready wines, with the highest expectations for quality and consistency.